Monday, July 02, 2012

wow. and new clothing too ;)

Hai Pink Nerds,
I'd just like to say wow. Lately I haven't had many pageviews, in fact, my pageviews have rapidly dropped. However, that's not what I'm saying wow about because I know my pageviews dropped because I stopped blogging. Anyway... what I'm saying wow about is that today I had 76 pageviews. It doesn't seem like that much compared to well known blogs like I Waste So Much Time or Perez Hilton but to me, that's asdolutely totally 100% amazing. You see, I usually get about 10 pageviews in a day but 76... wow. Anyway, since I got around to blogging I think I might actually write a legit post... Now what about...? Hmm... I think maybe I'll tell you all about my amazing new clothes, what do you think?

Ardene - 2 for $40 Dress

Aredene - 2 for $40 Dress

Top Half

Ardene - 2 for $30 Mini Skirt

JC Penny - $35 Grad Dress

Garage - $30 Bikini

Ardene - 5 for a410 Headbands

That's right, I have a major obsession for poka-dotted headbands with bows :)

Kk I gtg darlings!
Luv ya,
Meaghan ♥

P.S. This is my 50th blog post, yay!!!

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