Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Makeup Apps

Dear Pink Nerds,
So we're only into the 3rd day of July but somehow I already have more pageviews for July than I did for June. Wow. Anyway, I'm going to stop talking about pageview because I'm sure you're all getting sick of it :) But what am I going to talk about...? Well I noticed you guys really liked my post 'Beauty Obsession with 1950's Hair' so I guess I'll talk about sommethig along the lines of makeup, how about the makeup apps I got for Android!

Makeup Simulator

You can choose a model, take a photo of yourself or your friends,
or use a photo that's already been taken/downloaded

You choose what products you want to use, the color,
and how much you use.
Now I'm not an expert on rating beauty products or apps but here's what I can give you; a description of the products and what the app does. I will say in general I like the app but I wish you could actually "apply" the makeup to the photo by hand.

Which makeup color will be best for my face ?
Don't think too much, you can makeup on your virtual face with this "Makeup Simulator".

Makeup Simulator will analyze your face and makeup on 8 different parts such as
1. Foundation : Whole part of Face
2. Blur : Cheek
3. Lipstick : Lip
4. Lipliner : Lip line
5. Base Eyeshadow : Upper eyelid
6. Point Eyeshadow : Point parts of upper eyelid
7. Eye Liner : Line of eyelid
8. Under Eye Liner : Under line of eyes

Makeup Simulator also provides
- Face analysis taken by iPhone camera
- Using any picture from Album
- Face recognition algorithm using web-service technique
- Easy adjustment of analysis area on face
- Comparison of before and after makeup
- Selection any user-defined color
- Saving the image after makeup

Makeover - by Mary Kay

I really really really like this app. It is fairly customizeable and very advanced. The one problem I do have with it is that it's really an advertisement for Mary Kay Cosmetics but it's still a pretty great app ♥

It’s the first Mary Kay® Mobile Virtual Makeover app! Customize looks with endless combinations of eye makeup, lip colors, hairstyles, hair colors, accessories and more.

Choose a photo from your library, take a picture from your mobile device or select from a variety of models. Save your favorite makeovers and products, download your makeovers right to your mobile device, shop online for your makeover must-haves or buy the whole look with just a few clicks!

Plus, put YOUR face on a cover of “The Look” and share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, SMS or e-mail.

Try our one-click makeovers for season-specific, on-trend looks and special occasion makeovers--like beautiful bridal ideas.

For endless inspiration, nonstop fun with color and the best in beauty, download the Mary Kay® Mobile Virtual Makeover app today!

Key features:
•Create unlimited makeovers using your own photo or model photos.
•Choose from hundreds of hairstyles and hair color combinations.
•Customize your eye makeup, lip color, accessories and more.
•View one-click complete looks for on-trend ideas and special occasions.
•Put your face on a cover of “The Look” and share with friends.
•Share your makeover on Facebook, Twitter, through email or by SMS.
•Download your makeover directly to your device’s photo album.
•Create shopping lists of your favorite products or buy the whole look.
•Save your favorite makeovers to view again later.
•Available for iPhone 4 and above, iPad, Android tablets and mobile devices, and Kindle Fire.                 

Makeup - by ModiFace Inc.


This app is by far my favourite makeup app available on Android. It's almost like you're actually doing makeup with all the options you have. Great app!

The world's most advanced mobile virtual makeover application now on Android!

New freehand painting feature where you can paint any pattern you want for makeup! You've got to try this amazing feature!!

MakeUp takes virtual makeovers to a whole new level with state-of-the-art cosmetics colors, makeup simulation, and makeover effects. Now you can try literally thousands of colors and shades in seconds, and best of all, you do not need an Internet connection since all the processing is done on your phone.

Simply snap a photo and choose from thousands of lipstick, blush, foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, or liner colors you would like to try on. Once you have found the perfect color combination for you, you can then email the result (and product list) to yourself. It's like a virtual makeup artist in your pocket!

Those are all of the makeup apps I have right now but I might blog about more of them later...
Meaghan ♥

P.S. I added a new page! It's 'The Post They Like the Most' Fairly self expanitory ;) The current top post is Beauty Obsession with 1950's Hair so check it out! To go to the page click the tab entitled 'The Post They Like the Most' or click here!

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