Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hai Pink Nerds,
Lately I've been really obsessed with a couple of things. Here's my list, I'll explain them later...

(1) Law & Order
(2) Nail polish
(3) Strangely dancing to Skrillex
(4) Gameboy games
(5) Sailor Moon

(1) So basically I've had so many Law & Order SVU marathon nights in a row that I'm only waking up at noon -_- But it's totally worth it I swear! The show is really well thought out and you'll never know what'll happen next. I really like Detective Benson and Detective Stabler (they are the main characters) but my favourite character is Detective Tutuola; he's hilarious :) Anyway, Law & Order is a super realistic crime show and Law & Order Special Victims Unit focuses on child abuse and sex crimes. I figure I don't really need to explain the show because unless your living under a rock or in the swamp it's imposibble not to have heard of it. So yeah, watch it. They are almost always playing reruns on Omni and many other channels too! After reading my blawg post, go and watch it. I'm serious. :)

(2) As you saw I did like 3 posts about nail polish in a row so I'm obviously pretty obsessed :) Yeah, I bought like 5 new bottles of nailpolish last week and now I have a whole bin full of nail polishes to the point where I don't know what I'm gonna do with them :/ Oh well, you can never have too much of something you love! ♥

(3) While blogging several times a day you can get really bored of the silence around you. Sooo I started listening to Skrillex as I blogged. Soon enough I found my hands up in the air, away from the keyboard and me dancing like a maniac around my living room with Skrillex songs blaring. I'll actually admit that I have a video of it but I will never upload it (I'm not that brave!) Instead you can watch Christina Grimmie do it though! :)

Everything is better Grimmie style

(4) I recently got a smartphone and I was looking throught the app store and I found a free GameBoy Color emulator... hmm... Obviously, I downloaded it along with a bunch of games (see: Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty, et cetera, et cetera) So yeah, I've basically been playing GameBoy games for hours... Because I'm cool like that :) BTW, I don't have a link for it or anything but you can get GameBoy emulators for almost any tech device (i.e. PC, Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone, smartphone, et cetera, etcetera) so just look up 'GameBoy emulator' and you should easily be able to figure out how to download the emulator and some games to go with it.

(5) Sailor Moon is a show I've watched ever since I was a little little girl. I watched it at my grandparents home and when my mom bought me a couple of episodes on VHS I was ecstatic. I recently dug up those VHS's and watched... well... every single freaking one of them... and I also found Sailor Moon ,anga at Chapters and so I've been reading those too. Sailor Moon is kind of my biggest obsession right now and guess what!? I found some of the episodes on YouTube!!! O.o Kk, here's the first episode. PLEASE watch ♥ (2 parts BT dubs)

I hope you guys liked this post! I wasn't sure about it but Ifigured it would be pointless writing the post and then neverpublishing it so... Hope you enjoyed it!
Luff ya,
Meaghan ♥
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