Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Top 5 Beauty/Fashion Blogs

Hai Pink Nerds,
I recently started following TONS of beauty/fashion blogs so I thought I'd share my 5 favourites.

5. Confessions of a pinkwriter
5. This blog isn't just a beauty/fashion blog and that's something that I actually like about it. It isn't just product reviews or pictures of clothing but it's also just a bunch of slightly girly posts. Yes, the name is similar to mine but I guess that's the way that the author found my blog! The author has some really cool insights and ideas about fashion and I get the feeling that I'd really like her fashion sense. She had one post called Bow Ties ARE Cool♥ that I really liked because it was a really cool idea. It was all about using scarves and stuff to make pretty and girly bow ties rather than traditional ones. I really liked that post and that's one of the main things that compelled me to put this blog on my top 5 list. Anyway, I don't want to give everything away so go read the blog for yourself!!!

4. the beauty mist.
5. The thing I like best about the beauty mist is that it is both a fashion and beauty blog. The blogger/author blogs about a lot of vintage stuff (which I ♥) and she has a really great fashion sense. I haven't been following this blog for a very long time but I really luv it so far. Check it out!

3. Judy's Beauty Blog
    This blog is amayzing. It is simply a beauty blog (hence the name) but it actually has a lot of variety. It has product reviews, wishlists, makeup how-to's and sooooo much more. I also like that she uses products from several different companies and she expiriments a lot with different products. PLEASE check out this blog, it is a great beauty blog!!!

2. Beauty and the Blog
    If you visit Beauty and the Blog, you will notice that the blog is wildly popular. This is obviously for a reason. This blog has many traditional beauty blog attributes (product reviews and makeup tips) but also some very quirky and cool beauty ideas (see the Moustache Nails post) and many posts about shoes, perfume, jewlery and nail polish. That's basically all there is to this blog but I really love it. Please read this blog, I am in luv with it :)

    Oh my gosh, my #1 beauty/fashion blog! GIRLY GIRL VS. WORLD is definetly my favourite. (1) I love the name. It is very catchy and definetly something I wish I had thought of first :) (2) Her product reviews are amazing. She tests every product and takes pictures of the products on her hands and face. I really like how she recently did a comparison between 2 different facial scrubs. That was a really great idea! (3) This girl definetly knows what she's talking about. She actually works for the beauty company LUSH and she is constantly testing their products. However, she tests other brands too which is good because that way the readers may compare. Read this blog now. U. Will. ♥. It.

Honourable Mentions:
Keight's fashion and beauty
wishful sinful
plastichearts | fashion & lifestyle blog
You On My Cloud?

Meaghan ♥

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