Saturday, October 20, 2012

Get Organized!

Hai Pink Nerds,
So I was sitting in my room the other day looking fir a bobby pin. I knew I had hundreds of them but I couldn't find a single one. So I tore my room apart and re-organized! I found a bunch of new ways to store my hair accessories and jewelry and a week later, the organization is still working for me so I thought I'd share my ideas!

"Get Ready" Station
Keep all of your makeup, hair accessories  jewelry etc. in one area. That way your mornings will be so much quicker and easier to get through. 

Wig Organizer
Yes, this one does seem a little weird, doesn't it? But I don't really care because it works SOOOO well! If you have an old, cheap wig left over from Halloween that you'll probably never use again, throw it on a hook or a head stand and clip your hair accessories onto it. It actually works REALLY well!

Hat Hooks for Jewelry and Accesories
So I got this one from GL Magazine and I've been using this method for about 3 years now and it still works really well. Get a hat rack or a bunch of wall hooks from Walmart etc. and hang your jewelry and accessories off of the hooks, it works REALLY well and is super easy to use.

Roll up your belts for easy storage
Does anyone else find belts impossible to store? I cant hang them but I can't fold them so what do I do with them? Well I roll them up, tie an elastic around them and hang them in a hat rack/wall hook. There's no weird crease marks when you unroll them to wear them and they don't look as awkward as when they're just hanging in your closet.

Well I hope these tips helped!
Luff ya,

Friday, October 05, 2012

Pageviews! XD

Hai Pink Nerds,
WOW. I just checked my pageview stats for the first time in several months. In July alone I had 1050 pageviews and I just recieved my 4230th pageview overall for Confessions of a Pink Nerdy Life. Thanks guys!!! Also, my most popular post, Beauty Obsession with 1950's Hair has just reached 720 pageviews. Wow guys! Here are my stats!

By Country:
Canada - 2154
United States - 1034
United Kingdom - 248
Russia - 203
The rest of the countries have under 100 pageviews and therefore I didn't list them.

By Post:
Beauty Obsession with 1950's Hair - 722
Makeup Apps - 95
Striped Summer Nail Design - 85
Ultimate Summer Hair - 61
Forever 21 Collection Part 1: Bring Back the Hat - 50
The rest of the posts have under 50 pageviews and therefore I didn't list them.

By Month:
November 2011 - 393
December 2011 - 67 (I stopped blogging from December until January)
January 2012 - 99
February 2012 - 433
March 2012 - 362
April 2012 - 392
May 2012 - 263
June 2012 - 188
July 2012 - 1058
August 2012 - 436
September 2012 - 433
October 2012 (So Far) - 108

Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend (Canada)


Dear Pink Nerds,
You may have noticed that I took a month break from blogging :/ But you also may have noticed that I'm back! What did I spend all that spare time doing when I wasn't blogging? Simple: I painted my nails and just in case I wanted to blog about them, I took pictures! Unfotunetly I didn't take a picture of every step so you'll just have to figure it out XD

Water Marbled!
Look it up on google images because
it's impossible to explain using only words(:

1. Start with a base colour, wait for it to dry COMPLETELY.
2.Place thin strips of tape in a design on your nails.
3.Paint a coat black or white nailpolish over top.
4. Once the 2nd coat is almost dry, remove the strips of tape.
5. Add a top coat and voila! They're finished!

1. Paint a base colour onto your nails.
2. Once that coat is dry paint half of your ring finger
nail a contrasting colour.
3. Once those two layers are dry, use a nail art pen/art
deco polish and paint a diagonal stripe on your ring finger nail.
4. Using the same nail art pen/art deco polish, paint
horizontal stripes on the rest of your nails.
5. To make your mani last longer, add a top coat once
the rest is dry!

This one is my absolute favorite, but be sure to
give yourself plenty of time to do this design,
it takes a lot of patience!
1. Paint your nails black (or white for a different look)
2. Once that's dried, take a toothpick and dip it in
a brightly coloured nail polish.
3. Dot the colour on the bottom corner of each of your nails.
4. Do the same with several other colours until you're happy
with the look.
5. Add a top coat to make it last longer!

Similar to the Striped Summer Nails design
but with a twist.
1. Paint each of your nails sky blue.
2. Once the base colour has dried, paint a deep blue
sparkle nail polish onto half of the nail.
3. Paint a clear nail polish with silver sparkles onto
the other half of your nails.
4. Once that's dried, use a nail art pen/art deco polish
to paint a diagonal stripe onto each nail.
5. Add a top coat to make it last longer!

Ring finger mani!! This is one of the newest, biggest
trends in nail design. It's literally all over
fashion magazines and blogs everywhere!Anyway...
Option A
1.Paint all of your nails a purple, blue or pink colour.
2. Once that's dry, paint a sparkley 'deep sea' partially
see-through nail polish onto all of your nails
except your ring finger nail.
3. Once it's completely dried, add a top coat to prevent chips!
Option B
1. Paint your ring finger nail one colour.
2. Paint the rest of your nails another.
3. Add a top coat once it's dried to prevent chipping.
So that concludes my nail post for today.
Bai Pink Nerds!

The Wizard of Oz - Part 3

Dear Pink Nerds,
Last night I got my role for The Wizard of Oz! Of course I didn't excpect to be a lead since there are only 7 leads and the rest is mostly chorus, but I am very happy with my roles. I am a part of the chorus again but this year I'm actually going to get some singing lines etc. First off, I am a twister so I'll be in the tornado scene creating the image of the storm. Next I am an Ozian Polisher so I live in the land of Oz and I'll be singing 'The Merry Old Land of Oz' and I'm a Winkie which is one of the wicked Witch of the West's followers so I'll be in another musical number. Plus wherever they need chorus members etc. Also, I can't remember but I think she may have said that I'm a tree too but I'm not sure :P Haha, anyway, I'm SUPER excited for this year and I'll keep blogging about this and of course other stuff too!
Bai XD

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Wizard of Oz - Part 2

Dear Pink Nerds,
SOOO the way things work with the theatre company I auditioned for is that if you DON'T get a part they'd call you on your home phone but Monday night. If you don't get a phone call, it means YOU HAVE A PART and you recieve the part from the director on Thursday.
I haven't gotten a phone call and it's Tuesday night so, I have a part!! >.<
I'll let you all know who I'm playing by Friday!
Bai! :*