Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dear Pink Nerds,
When I first started this blog back in November 2011, I simply blogged about my day. I talked about vacations and my day at school and all togetheraverage stuff. Back then, only my friends read my blog and I got about 10 pageviews a day. Now, I've started to just blog about fashion and beauty stuff. This really boosted my pageviews (60 pageviews a day) and many people I don't know read my blog now but all my friends don't anymore. I wanted all of you to know that I still will blog about average daily stuff! I still want to blog about exciting things that happened to me and I still will. The thing is that lately nothing exciting is happening to me so I really couldn't blog about my day and have it be interesting. Soooo whenever some exciting news comes up I WILL tell you about it but when nothing exciting is going on I will make my posts more fashion/beauty related. If you have ANY questions PLEASE share them in the comments. I really want to know what all of you think. My point: 1. I will continue to blog about fashion and beauty 2. I will blog about the average stuff my friends want to hear about whenever something comes up 3. Eat cotton candy and dance like no one is watching.
Luff yu awl,
Meaghan ♥

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