Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Dear Pink Nerds,
Just a heads up that tomorrow I will probably have a product review post about Covergirl products for I'll probably have a makeup splurge tomorrow. So keep checking my blog for the new post!
Luff yah lots,
Meaghan ♥

Monday, July 23, 2012

Motivation? Suggestions? Comments? Please?

Hai Pink Nerds,
I have nothing to blog about and no motivation to blog. Someone please just comment on something and/or suggest a post topic or something? Please? 2 of my followers have unsubscribed for an unknown reason... So yeah, I just need some motivation right now. I might blog tomorrow and if not, the day after but I do need some suggestions.
Meaghan ♥

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hai Pink Nerds,
Sorry I couldn't blog this weekend! I was in Montreal. You see, my brother was at Warp Tour on Saturday and at a dubstep concert with Skrillex and 4 other artists. Unfortunately I did not get to go see either of the concerts :( However I did a bunch of shopping and got all the stuff on my last shopping list, yay! Plus all 10 seasons of Friends and the movie Mean Girls so HOORAY!!! For the last week or so I've just had tons of TV/Movie marathons including Law & Order, Disney movies, and now Friends! So yeah, I really need sleep -.- Don't be surprised if there are tons of typos in my posts ;) Anyway, I'm going to quickly tell yah about my trip to Montreal.

I must say that PERSONALLY I'd vote Montreal the best city in Canada. This vote is kind of biased because I haven't exactly been everywhere in Canada. I've been to Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Burlington, Toronto, Guelph, all over P.E.I. and all over Nova Scotia. I've never been West of Ontario so I'm basically cutting out more than half of Canada from my votes :/ Anyway, I really like Montreal because of a few things; the food, the fashion and the architecture. All the meals I had while I was there were AMAZING. Also, I've never likes smoked meat but I loved it in Montreal! Also, when I walked down the old streets of montreal there were so many different types of vintage and new clothing stores and along mainstreet the current chain clothing outlets were absolutely huge. Finally, all the buildings were so cool in Montreal! Either they were old and looked so vintage or they were new with incredibly cool and abstract architecture. Also, there was one street that was totally purple! It had purple mats layed down on the pavement and a few benches and gazibos that were totally purple. A couple streets down, there was one street that had pink strings in the airattached from one building the the one across it. It was just sooo cool in Montreal! I must admit I thought it was going to be suuppeerr boring but it turns out you have to walk around the town to actually catch all the cool stuff. For example, there are tons of festivals that you would've never heard about untill you walked around or looked at all the flyers in the subway station.

Anyway I have to go now but I highly recommend visiting Montreal. You don't need to know any french to visit because everyone who works there is 100% bilingual.

Meaghan ♥

Friday, July 13, 2012


Hai Pink Nerds,
I know most of you don't really care if I blog everday but just so you know I probably won't be able to blog this weekend :( I'm going on vacay for the weekend and it's really difficult to write posts on my phone :/ But I will try to share something with you guys!!!!
Luff yah,
Meaghan ♥

Summer Essentials

Hai Pink Nerds,
With the smell of sunscreen, chlorine and freshly cut grass filling the air I feel it's time to pull out my summer essentials!

Swimsuits of course!

Tons of headbands to keep your hair out of your face

Maxi dresses - The perfect beach coverup

Sunscreen, this one makes you look tan and has moisturizer in it too!

A fruity scented cleanser

Face moisturizer with spf 15
And finally there are loose crop tops. Unfortunetly I do not have any pictures but great places to buy them are Garage (Canada only) and Stitches. With an undershirt and shorts they make the perfect summer outfit and throw them over a bikini and they're a nice beach coverup. So dear Mr. Crop Top and Ms. Trendy Shopper, I now pronounce you in love ♥

Make Peace. Not War. Eat Cake. Not Cats.
Luff yu,
Meaghan ♥

P.S. This is my 75th blog post!!! You guys RAWWK! W >.< W

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Forever 21 Collection Part 1: Bring Back the Hat

Dear Pink Nerds,
I know I blog a lot about clothing from Forever 21 so you've probably already realized that that is basically my favourite store. Sooooo I thought I'd do a series of blog posts about their clothing and today is the fist post. My topic; Bring Back the Hat.

Floral Trimmed Cowboy Hat - $11.99

Static Trim Straw Fedora - $15.80

Classic Floppy Hat - $12.80

Woven Fedora - $12.80

Colorblock Trim Floppy Hat - $10.99

Flat Bow Floppy Hat - $10.99

Purl Knit Beret - $5.50

Wool Blend Beret - $6.50

Long Ribbed Knit Beanie - $9.80

Metallic Bow Beanie - $6.50

Colorful Wool Blend Beanie - $9.90

Ditsy Heart Trapper Hat - $11.99

Spiral Crochet Beret - $9.90

There are many more hats on the Forever 21 website but those are just my favourites. I decided to make hats my first blog post topic because no one wears hats for style anymore really and my friend Glenys really wants to 'Bring Back the Hat' so I thought I'd share that idea with you all.

Dance like a freak,
Meaghan ♥
Dear Pink Nerds,
When I first started this blog back in November 2011, I simply blogged about my day. I talked about vacations and my day at school and all togetheraverage stuff. Back then, only my friends read my blog and I got about 10 pageviews a day. Now, I've started to just blog about fashion and beauty stuff. This really boosted my pageviews (60 pageviews a day) and many people I don't know read my blog now but all my friends don't anymore. I wanted all of you to know that I still will blog about average daily stuff! I still want to blog about exciting things that happened to me and I still will. The thing is that lately nothing exciting is happening to me so I really couldn't blog about my day and have it be interesting. Soooo whenever some exciting news comes up I WILL tell you about it but when nothing exciting is going on I will make my posts more fashion/beauty related. If you have ANY questions PLEASE share them in the comments. I really want to know what all of you think. My point: 1. I will continue to blog about fashion and beauty 2. I will blog about the average stuff my friends want to hear about whenever something comes up 3. Eat cotton candy and dance like no one is watching.
Luff yu awl,
Meaghan ♥


Dear Pink Nerds,
I have a bunch of money left from my birthday and I'm trying to come up with how I want to spend it. Soooooo I'm making a wishlist of the stuff I want and I'll narrow it down to what I'm actually going to buy.

Forever 21
Asymetrical Bubble Hem Dress - $27.80
I don't have a little black dress yet and that's a classic!
Chiffon Trim One Shoulder Dress - $39.80
Union Jack Crop Sweater - $23.80
Pointelle High-Low Sweater - $23.80

Floral Print Skinny Jeans - $29.90

Classic Skinnies - $12.80


Bright Raglan "Let Loose" Tee - Garage

Bright Raglan 'Let Loose' Tee - $27.90

GRG Fleece Popover Hoodie - Garage

GRG Fleece Popover Hoodie - $36.90

Dream Catcher Heart Tee - Garage

Dream Catcher Heart Tee - $22.90

Striped Zebra Tee - Garage

Striped Zebra Tee - $22.90

Feather Fringe Tank Top - Garage

Feather Fringe Tank Top - $10.00

Mix and match GRG swimwear. $18.90 a piece. Buy one get one half off.

TADA! So that's my wishlist. Any favourites? Please comment! I need to make my actual shopping list soon!
Eat cotton candy like there's no tomorrow,
Meaghan ♥

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grimmie Pouff and RAWWK Fingahs

Hai Pink Nerds,
I've been watching all of Christina Grimmie's YouTube videos and I love her hair! While browsing through her videos, I realized that she had a hair tutorial! Soooo I'm considerng doing my hair like this. Just sharing the vid in case you like it...

Next, this is Christina's video for RAWWK Fingers. I know the title makes no sense right now but just watch the video and you will understand :)

So basically, here's the message:

Anyway, that's my new hair obsession and shtuffh >.<
Luff yuh,
Meaghan ♥
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The Best Feeling

Hai Pink Nerds,
While sitting at home watching teen soaps, I got extremely bored and dug my iPod out of my purse. What did I do? Of course I pulled out my huge stereo headphones and started dancing like a freak. Okay, if anyone saw you they'd think you're insane but so what! Dancing like no one is watching to your favourite music is the best high there is. So turn up the tunes, crank up the music, whatever floats yo boat, and let your crazy out (oh, and check the window for people every once in a while...) Or if your not feeling so insane, make an upbeat playlist, grab an iPod dock and go workout. I swear music can really be the key to how you feel. So go now, get off your computer and BLARE. YOUR. MUSIC.
With Love,
Meaghan ♥
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Hai Pink Nerds,
Lately I've been really obsessed with a couple of things. Here's my list, I'll explain them later...

(1) Law & Order
(2) Nail polish
(3) Strangely dancing to Skrillex
(4) Gameboy games
(5) Sailor Moon

(1) So basically I've had so many Law & Order SVU marathon nights in a row that I'm only waking up at noon -_- But it's totally worth it I swear! The show is really well thought out and you'll never know what'll happen next. I really like Detective Benson and Detective Stabler (they are the main characters) but my favourite character is Detective Tutuola; he's hilarious :) Anyway, Law & Order is a super realistic crime show and Law & Order Special Victims Unit focuses on child abuse and sex crimes. I figure I don't really need to explain the show because unless your living under a rock or in the swamp it's imposibble not to have heard of it. So yeah, watch it. They are almost always playing reruns on Omni and many other channels too! After reading my blawg post, go and watch it. I'm serious. :)

(2) As you saw I did like 3 posts about nail polish in a row so I'm obviously pretty obsessed :) Yeah, I bought like 5 new bottles of nailpolish last week and now I have a whole bin full of nail polishes to the point where I don't know what I'm gonna do with them :/ Oh well, you can never have too much of something you love! ♥

(3) While blogging several times a day you can get really bored of the silence around you. Sooo I started listening to Skrillex as I blogged. Soon enough I found my hands up in the air, away from the keyboard and me dancing like a maniac around my living room with Skrillex songs blaring. I'll actually admit that I have a video of it but I will never upload it (I'm not that brave!) Instead you can watch Christina Grimmie do it though! :)

Everything is better Grimmie style

(4) I recently got a smartphone and I was looking throught the app store and I found a free GameBoy Color emulator... hmm... Obviously, I downloaded it along with a bunch of games (see: Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty, et cetera, et cetera) So yeah, I've basically been playing GameBoy games for hours... Because I'm cool like that :) BTW, I don't have a link for it or anything but you can get GameBoy emulators for almost any tech device (i.e. PC, Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone, smartphone, et cetera, etcetera) so just look up 'GameBoy emulator' and you should easily be able to figure out how to download the emulator and some games to go with it.

(5) Sailor Moon is a show I've watched ever since I was a little little girl. I watched it at my grandparents home and when my mom bought me a couple of episodes on VHS I was ecstatic. I recently dug up those VHS's and watched... well... every single freaking one of them... and I also found Sailor Moon ,anga at Chapters and so I've been reading those too. Sailor Moon is kind of my biggest obsession right now and guess what!? I found some of the episodes on YouTube!!! O.o Kk, here's the first episode. PLEASE watch ♥ (2 parts BT dubs)

I hope you guys liked this post! I wasn't sure about it but Ifigured it would be pointless writing the post and then neverpublishing it so... Hope you enjoyed it!
Luff ya,
Meaghan ♥
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ultimate Summer Hair

Dear Pink Nerds,
I'm sorry for not writing a legit blog post yesterday :( Like I said my internet wasn't working... Anyway, I thought I'd share my opinion on the best hairstyles for summer :) (Idea taken from Confessions of a pinkwriter @ confessionsofapinkwriter.blogspot.com)

Fishtail Braid

Messy Bun

Top Knot

The birdnest top knot; slightly more complex

Beachy Waves

DIY Beach Hairspray
2 cups hot water
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon coconut oil
1 teaspoon conditioner (optional)
Spritz on hair then loosely braid, leave overnight, wakeup to natural looking beachy hair!

Why spend hours every morning straightening your hair when it's just going to get curly in the pool!? Just go natural in the summer. No one ever wants the hair they have but the thing is, your natural hair probably looks best on you, especially in the summer. So this summer, go natural. Afterall, Taylor Swift's never been afraid to!
Funky Braids

TADA! There you have my ultimate summer hairstyles!
Luv ya,
Meaghan ♥
P.S. Thanks to Fashion's Crown for the how-to's on the fun bun / top knot, the boho braid and the twist braid! http://fashionscrown.blogspot.ca/
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