Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hai Pink Nerds,
Sorry I couldn't blog this weekend! I was in Montreal. You see, my brother was at Warp Tour on Saturday and at a dubstep concert with Skrillex and 4 other artists. Unfortunately I did not get to go see either of the concerts :( However I did a bunch of shopping and got all the stuff on my last shopping list, yay! Plus all 10 seasons of Friends and the movie Mean Girls so HOORAY!!! For the last week or so I've just had tons of TV/Movie marathons including Law & Order, Disney movies, and now Friends! So yeah, I really need sleep -.- Don't be surprised if there are tons of typos in my posts ;) Anyway, I'm going to quickly tell yah about my trip to Montreal.

I must say that PERSONALLY I'd vote Montreal the best city in Canada. This vote is kind of biased because I haven't exactly been everywhere in Canada. I've been to Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Burlington, Toronto, Guelph, all over P.E.I. and all over Nova Scotia. I've never been West of Ontario so I'm basically cutting out more than half of Canada from my votes :/ Anyway, I really like Montreal because of a few things; the food, the fashion and the architecture. All the meals I had while I was there were AMAZING. Also, I've never likes smoked meat but I loved it in Montreal! Also, when I walked down the old streets of montreal there were so many different types of vintage and new clothing stores and along mainstreet the current chain clothing outlets were absolutely huge. Finally, all the buildings were so cool in Montreal! Either they were old and looked so vintage or they were new with incredibly cool and abstract architecture. Also, there was one street that was totally purple! It had purple mats layed down on the pavement and a few benches and gazibos that were totally purple. A couple streets down, there was one street that had pink strings in the airattached from one building the the one across it. It was just sooo cool in Montreal! I must admit I thought it was going to be suuppeerr boring but it turns out you have to walk around the town to actually catch all the cool stuff. For example, there are tons of festivals that you would've never heard about untill you walked around or looked at all the flyers in the subway station.

Anyway I have to go now but I highly recommend visiting Montreal. You don't need to know any french to visit because everyone who works there is 100% bilingual.

Meaghan ♥

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