Friday, October 05, 2012

The Wizard of Oz - Part 3

Dear Pink Nerds,
Last night I got my role for The Wizard of Oz! Of course I didn't excpect to be a lead since there are only 7 leads and the rest is mostly chorus, but I am very happy with my roles. I am a part of the chorus again but this year I'm actually going to get some singing lines etc. First off, I am a twister so I'll be in the tornado scene creating the image of the storm. Next I am an Ozian Polisher so I live in the land of Oz and I'll be singing 'The Merry Old Land of Oz' and I'm a Winkie which is one of the wicked Witch of the West's followers so I'll be in another musical number. Plus wherever they need chorus members etc. Also, I can't remember but I think she may have said that I'm a tree too but I'm not sure :P Haha, anyway, I'm SUPER excited for this year and I'll keep blogging about this and of course other stuff too!
Bai XD

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