Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Singing in the Rain :)

Dear Pink Nerds,

I had a great day today :)
I went swimming in the river and then I sat on the dock watching the water move and shimmer. As I sat on the dock the sun beamed. Then the water began to calm as the sun hid behind the clouds. I watched as all the little fish hover around my feet with bits of seaweed in their mouths. They quickly swam away leaving only trails of tiny air bubbles on the surface of the water. My neighbour jumped in the water recreating the movement and shimmer of the water. But just then, the clouds got darker and my sunglasses became useless. Rain droplets began pounding on the surface of the water and the swimming kids began frowning but the smile on my face just widened :) This meant a truly rainy day and I love rainy days ♥ I ran home and changed out of my swimsuit and into some shorts, a tank, a bright red waterproof trench coat and some rain boots. I then grabbed my umbrella and dashed outside. I walked up and down the street singing Singing In the Rain at the top of my lungs :) That definetly made my day. Then I went over to a friend's house and watched Back to the Future for the first time and I came home to find my kitten and my dog lying on the couch together. Heart=Melted :) When I went outside to check the mail, the sun had cleared but I put my rainboots on anyway and jumped in the puddles with the sun beaming down on me. I felt like such a kid again :) And that brings me to here, I'm blogging about my day while blaring dubstep keeps me company and I feel like nothing could possibly bring me down right now. I've had the best day :)

Meaghan ♥

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