Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Dubstep - It's Not What You Think

Dear Pink Nerds,
I don't really care if you like dubstep or not, that's a personal opinion. I love dubstep but many people hate it (including most of my friends) However, I do want you all to know that dubstep isn't all the same like many of you think, okay? There is more to is than; Skrillex. Okay? There are many other great dubstep artists. I'm not saying I don't like Skrillex, trust me I really do. But like I was saying, multiple artists have great dubstep songs.

Exibit A: Steve Aoki

He's flippin' amayzing.

Exibit B: Klaypex

Exibit C: Benny Benassi

Exibit D: Avicii

Exibit E: Flux Pavilion

And Skrillex, he is great, but I just wanted to show that there are many other great dubstep artists.
Anyway, here's Skrillex.

Meaghan ♥
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