Monday, July 02, 2012

Summer Challenge?

Hey Pink Nerds,
This post is coming from my phone so it will be short and possibly unsatisfying...

Anyway, I basically want to blog every weekday of the summer; it would (1) raise my pagevies, amd (2) maybe it will give you guys  something to do on a long boring summer day. The problem with this whole thing is that you might get really sick of seeing my posts in your newsfeeds... However, I will promise that every post will be a legit multiple paragraph post actually worth reading.

Okay I need to go eat breakfast now. Let me know what you think about my summer challenge in the comments.

Luv ya,
Meaghan ♥


  1. This sounds like a cool idea! Im thinking of doing an "Outfit of the Day" part for my blog for the summer!:)

    1. Awesome! I always wanted to do something like that but whenever I'd start I'd forget by day 2 :P

  2. Replies
    1. Trust me I've decided to do it. Looking forward to writing at least 1 blog post per day!

    2. Oh and thanks for becoming my 10th subscriber!

    3. No problem :) I love your blog!