Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Judgement is Ignorance... Beauty is Confidence ♥

Chèr Intellos Roses,
Yes, that was written in French and if you know a little bit of french, you might have been able to understand that that meant 'Dear Pink Nerds'. As my friends might tell you, as much as I find bullying a big issue, I'm not much for listening to people talk about it. People think that's just because I don't care but really, it's because they all repeat the same things and everyone nods and agrees but no one ever does it. They all say things like 'You can make a difference if you stand up to a bully! Tell them it's mean and that no one likes it.' and yes, that would be the ideal thing to say but no one is ready to do that. I don't think we can ever fix bullies, however, I do believe that we can help the hurt and boost our confidence (without becoming arrogant of course!) I don't want to listen to people talk about bullying to "raise awareness", I want to make a difference. Bullying is definetly a problem but it wouldn't be so serious if we were a little bit more confident, especially us girls so today that's what I'm going to talk about: confident women.

Judgement is Ignorance...
Those who run around only judging you, will never know happiness. Many people who have low self-esteem judge others because they think it makes them look better. The problem with that is that people usually will do the same thing to you that you do to them so if those with low self-esteem judge, then they will be judged back. It's a vicious cycle and someone needs to end it. If you want more friends, or to be looked at in a new light, I must warn you, judegement is not the way to go. If you judge people, Ignorance is going to be your best friend and nothing else. If you still think that judgement is the way to go, I hope this celeb will change your mind. I'll pass you over to Hayley now ☺

Beauty is Confidence...
Yes, makeup is fun to put on and stuff but it doesn't make you beautiful. If you wear bright red lipstick, it won't look good unless you smile with your eyes, lips and heart. To walk around with confidence (as long as you don't think you're better than everyone else) truly makes you beautiful. A smile sends people the message that you are happy, nice and friendly and if you add good posture to that, you've got a girl that looks talented and confident too! Beauty truly is confidence so flash those pearly whites and stand tall and strong. Afterall, would you rather be friends with a judgemental girl, or a confident one? Be the girl you wanna be. You are you, and no one can judge who you are, except for you.

Celebrity Inspiration
So as much as so many people may say things like "Express Yourself" and "Be Different", celebrities say the same things. The photo above ^ is actually a quote from the legendary Dr. Seuss and there is no arguing that Dr.Seuss is brilliant. But since there is so much more celebrity inspiration that surrounds us, I thought I should share some more!

♫ What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, Stand a little taller,
Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone ♪
Many of us know that song; What Doesn't Kill You by Kelly Clarkson. She talks about breaking down but at the chorus, she explodes with confidence and truly shows that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and I think we all need to remember that. We all have reasons to complain or to break down and cry but if you stand tall and make it through it, you become stronger than you ever were, and stronger than anyone else. Kelly's words are definetly a few of my To Live By words. To listen to the song, click here. Trust me, it will alway make you feel stronger ;)

♪ So if you want it right now, make him show you how
Express what he's got, oh baby ready or not
Express yourself ♫
Madonna; the queen of female empowerment, expressing yourself and being beautiful inside and out. Madonna has inspired millions of people from around the world and that includes me. Never forget to express yourself ♥

Aurevoir (Goodbye)
To all the lonely, hopeless or depressed girls out there, you are not alone and it will get better. I had a terrible year untill about 2 weeks ago and then I was overfilled with joy. There will always be jerks in the world and one of them will always be out there to get you but if you are confident, smile and lift other people's spirits instead of bringing them down, those bitchy comments won't matter to you.
Lots of Love,
Meaghan ♥

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