Monday, March 19, 2012

March Break & The Hunger Games ♥

Oh my gosh guys, I have so much to write about! But first I'll just apologize for not blogging over the March break! I would have but the campsite I was at didn't have Wi-Fi. As much as I'm sure none of you check my blog too often, I will try and post a little more.

So as you may know, for March break I went to Charleston, South Carolina. As much as an 18 hour drive there is very tiring, I think it was good because I got to see tons of things along the way. The first really cool thing on the way to Charleston was Hershey, Pensilvania. Yes, there is actually a town called Hershey. We went into the original Hershey factory and we went on a little tour. We got into these little train cart sorta things and it took us around the factory to show us how they made the chocolate. I swear, the place reminded me so much of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory :P After 9 hours of driving we stopped in Washington, DC for a night. That night was fairly uneventful though so I'll move on. On my way to Charleston the next day, I saw my very first palm trees! I was shocked to see that there were so many though and the southern pine trees were so much different than the one's up in Canada. The drive was long, it consisted of listening to my i-Pod and being drooled on by my dog, but finally, we arrived at our destination.

Day 1 in Charleston - Making New Friends
During our first day in Charleston, my dad called up an old friend who lived nearby. Just as he hung up I felt the car turning around on me and I realized, we were going to see her and her family. Carol (my dad's friend) is now married and has a daughter and a dog. Her daughters name is Natasha and I must say, I didn't think I would like her all that much since she seemed very classy. But it turns out, I was very wrong. When I met Natasha she just talked and talked about how much fun I was going to have and she told me all about the history of Charlseton. We took a walk in the park with my dog (Brucie) and her dog (Gypsy) and it turns out, our dogs are fond of eachother too! The day went by quickly but it was really cool to go so far away, and still feel welcome. OH! I almost forgot! Carole made me... butterbeer!!! It was so freaking amazing! Rock on Harry Potter Fans!

Day 2 in Charleston - Shop 'Till You Drop (Literally)
The next day, my family decided to go up to North Charleston to Tanger Outlets to do some shopping (my favourite!) I didn't go into an awful lot of stores but we managed to spend all day shopping! I had already bought my first maxi dress at JR on my way to Charleston but I got more at Tanger. My first purchase at Tanger was an adorable tangerine coloured summer dress from American Eagle. I absolutely love the neckline and since I got it at an outlet mall, I got it for $30 instead of $50! The next store I stopped into was Bath and Bodyworks (I ♥ B and B) I bought my mom a couple of tropical scented candles so that she could bring the smell of vacation away with her but I bought myself a treat too (or 7 treats...) I got 4 different hand sanitizers and they smell amazing! Here are the scents: frosting, cookie dough, peaches and green apple. I am obsessed with them! But not as much as the 3 different body sprays I got: Pink Chiffon, Carried Away and Country Chic. I luv them!!! At Old Navy I got my annual 2 for $5 flip-flops in blue and yellow and at some random shoe store (I can't remember the name!) I got a pair of everyday shoes (converse low-top style) and running shoes for gym. Anyway, that was all I could handle that day since my feet were aching up!

Day 3 & 4 in Charleston - Go to the Beach, Swim, Get Tanned!
Self explanitory.

Day 5 in Charleston - Finish the Way We Started
On my final day in Charleston, I basically did the same thing as I did on the first day in Charleston. I hung out with Carole, Natasha, Richard, Gypsy and Bruce and two other friends of my dad. I was glad to spend my last day with them, but it was hard to say goodbye. I guess I can quote Harry Potter's line in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 "Let's finish things the way we started; together..."

As you can see, I never did run into Emma, but it was cool to know that she was nearby, even though I was hours away from my hometown. On my way back, a few minor things happened but I guess they're note-worthy too... I got glow in the dark nail polish, I got amazing pins from Hot-Topic (Emma you must see them, you'll absolutely love them!!!) and finally I saw the cherry blossoms in Washington.

The last thing I absolutely must mention is that I'm going to see The Hunger Games with...


Bai Pink Nerds,
Meaghan ♥

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