Monday, March 26, 2012

Best Weekend Ever ☺

Hey Pink Nerds,
So I know I haven't blogged in almost a week-sorry-but Grease is running my life right now. On Monday, I got home from school and had the chance to do a post but an hour later I had to leave for rehearsal. On Tuesday, I had loads of homework and once I had finished, I needed to go to rehearsal. On Wednesday and Thursday, I had to do school shows and once I got back, I did tons of homework and then slept. On Friday I had school, then homework, then opening night. And finally on Saturday, I went to go see  The Hunger Games (with Andrew!) and by the time that was over I had another show and then Emma slept over. So as you can see I have not had much of a chance to blog! Anyway, I don't have rehearsal or shows until Wednesday so I'll try and blog as much as I can 'till then.

So opening night for Grease literally had me jumping around in circles and doing a little happy dance. Honestly, for KYMTC's opening nights, they usually don't sell too many tickets. However, this year they sold out! as any performer will tell you, your audience affects your energy level and since we had a full house and a super responsive crowd, we did ahmazing! The crowd laughed at every joke and cheered crazy loud after every song and scene and if you solve this equation properly, here is what you will get: Amazing Crowd + Great Lighting + Fantastic Backstage Crew + Talented Musicians + Awesome Producer and Director + Best Cast Ever = Awesome Show!!! So clearly I had reason to be jumping around like a maniac screaming 'That was awwwsome!'

The next day, I went to go see The Hunger Games! I don't want to spoil anything so I won't say very much but I must say that (1) The movie was worthy of 4 stars in my opinion, and (2) I had an amazing time with Andrew ☺ Anyway, I'm gonna move on with the rest of my day now. By the time I got back from the movie (like I said above) I had to leave for Grease - show #2! That night, we oversold on tickets by about 22! They were scrambling to fit in all the extra chairs and for the first time, they had to turn people away! Unfortunetly, we had less energy that night but at the end of the show, we got a standing ovation! I swear that this will be KYMTC's best production yet! Plus, afterward Emma sleptover and we watched a terrible movie: Breaking Dawn! :P Saturday was by far the best day I've had this school year ♥

On Sunday, not all that much happened but it was still a good day. I went to church (and saw Andrew!) and after, I got the book Julie & Julia. After, I watched the movie 3 times over and began reading the book and the blog. I then became obsessed with rich food and following tons of cooking blogs (yes Emma, I have indeed tried your recipes; they rock!) I ate tons of brie cheese and had pasta with tons of basil and it was awesome! The only bad part of my weekend was that I had to do homeowrk. But that homework was writing a history script and it wasn't half bad so, even that was pretty good.

So after months of terrible days, that weekend had me happy as could be and I really think it was the best weekend of my life. Comments and subscriptions are greatly appreciated as always and I would especially like th\o thank my readers from the United States because this month, I had more views from the US than from Canada!

Lots of Love,
Meaghan ♥

PS. Happy happy happy happy ☺

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