Friday, February 10, 2012

Since Emma Forced Me To Blog...

Since Emma forced me to blog, here it is.
I couldn't think of much so I'm stealing Emma's blog idea.
A list of my loves and hates and random trains of thoughts.

A List of Favourites:
Favourite Book: The Hunger Games
Favourite Band: Paramore
Favourite People: Emma, Olivia, Alicia, Natasha, Celeste & Mallory
Favourite Movie: I Am Legend, PS I Love You
Favourite Musical: Grease ♥
Favourite Posession: I-pod & E-reader
Favourite TV series: Community!!!
Favourite Outfit: bright blue Bluenotes sweater & acid wash jeans
Favourite Colour: pink or bright blue
Favourite Holiday: Valentines Day (chocolate and pretty dresses ♥)

A List of Dislikes
Guys constant ultra-perverted not funny jokes
Guys a**hole remarks that make me want to cry and punch them in the face all at the same time
Guys that hurt my friends
Girls that do nothing but say bad things about other girls to other girls
Adorable clothing that is out of stock :(
Friends who make up lame excuses to get out of hanging out with me (example: I'm really tired...)
Getting stuck with the creepy guy in the class for an assignment or project because I'm my friends' last choice project partner
Rejection </3

A List of Things That Can Make Me Smile No Matter How Much of a Crappy Day I've Had
The Hunger Games
A capella dubstep
Sketching clothing
Smiling in the mirror forever losing track of time
Bubble baths
Emma Jane Krentz (ILYSM for being an amazing friend ♥)
Pumpkin Pie c:
Grease rehearsals

Random Things
Person Who I Talk to the Most on the Phone: Emma Jane Krentz
Pet Peeve: Kayla's Facebook spelling & grammar
First Store I Enter at the Mall: Bluenotes, Bath & Bodyworks or Hot Topic (USA only)

Thanks for making me blog Emma.
I feel much better now.
You really do make me smile no matter how bad of a day I've had!
Lots of Love,
Meaghan ♥


  1. I LOVE YOU TOO, DARLING <33333333

    You must come over soon. You just have to.