Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Hunger Games ♥

So I just finished reading the first book of The Hunger Games and I am left obsessed. I got all 3 books for free on my e-reader so don't be surprised if I'm glued to my e-reader 24/7. Unfortunetely Andrew gave away the ending but I am still reading as intensly as ever anticipating the movie and craving to read more in Catching Fire. Luck has left me in terms of The Hunger Games movie's opening night for I have a Grease performance but I am determined to see it soon after the opening. To those of you who have already read The Hunger Games, you guys are awesome! To those of you who are in the middle of reading the series, don't stop! And to those of you who have not read the books yet, I assume that it is because of one of the following reasons, a) you are living under a rock b) you are too lazy to go pick up the book or c) you don't want to read the book. Either way you should really read it now and I promise you that you will not regret it. Go to your local library, Chapters, or hey, even Mrs.Carlsons class and start reading!
Peace my Pink Nerdy Friends♥


  1. Peeta Mellark should've been played by Alex Pettyfer in my opinion. Not only was he deeply considered for the role but the whole time I was reading The Hunger Games, I was picturing him as Peeta. Josh Hutcherson just isn't good-looking enough for the role :/

  2. ...Did you just comment on your own post?

    So happy you like 'em <3

  3. yes, i did just comment on my own post. i forgot to add it into the blog and im too lazy to go back and edit the post :P ♥