Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dubstep, Catching Fire and Smiling - The Happiness Potion

Hey Pink Nerds,
I cried at school today. I have only cried once before at school. You know what's the saddest thing about that? The fact that the reasons why I've cried twice at school now was because of my teachers. I really just couldn't figure out a question on my science test and my teacher would not help me. I understand that she can't just give me the answer but I could've used a hint! Like 'the reason you can't get this answer is because another question is wrong'. That wouldn't be an answer and that was exactly what the problem was. In the end I got an 83% on my test and the question barely effected my grade. The other time was in grade 7 when my homeroom teacher got angry because I didn't show up for the spelling bee yearbook pic. I broke down in the hall and when she saw me she wasn't angry at all. My point is that I guess crying over stress is awfully pointless. In the end, things will turn out all right and just smiling is a whole lot better. I came home, blared dubstep music, read Catching Fire and looked in the mirror and smiled. Right then I felt way better and even when I called a friend and she said she didn't want to come to youth group on Friday, I didn't care, I just smiled. So from now on, I'm just going to try and smile. Even when I feel like there's nothing to smile about, I know that there will be soon. Plus, if I'm feeling down, I've always got my i-Pod and my e-reader nearby! So I guess I've discovered my perfect happiness potion; dubstep, Catching Fire and smiling but nobody's happiness potion is the same, so what's your?
~Meaghan ♥

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