Friday, October 05, 2012


Dear Pink Nerds,
You may have noticed that I took a month break from blogging :/ But you also may have noticed that I'm back! What did I spend all that spare time doing when I wasn't blogging? Simple: I painted my nails and just in case I wanted to blog about them, I took pictures! Unfotunetly I didn't take a picture of every step so you'll just have to figure it out XD

Water Marbled!
Look it up on google images because
it's impossible to explain using only words(:

1. Start with a base colour, wait for it to dry COMPLETELY.
2.Place thin strips of tape in a design on your nails.
3.Paint a coat black or white nailpolish over top.
4. Once the 2nd coat is almost dry, remove the strips of tape.
5. Add a top coat and voila! They're finished!

1. Paint a base colour onto your nails.
2. Once that coat is dry paint half of your ring finger
nail a contrasting colour.
3. Once those two layers are dry, use a nail art pen/art
deco polish and paint a diagonal stripe on your ring finger nail.
4. Using the same nail art pen/art deco polish, paint
horizontal stripes on the rest of your nails.
5. To make your mani last longer, add a top coat once
the rest is dry!

This one is my absolute favorite, but be sure to
give yourself plenty of time to do this design,
it takes a lot of patience!
1. Paint your nails black (or white for a different look)
2. Once that's dried, take a toothpick and dip it in
a brightly coloured nail polish.
3. Dot the colour on the bottom corner of each of your nails.
4. Do the same with several other colours until you're happy
with the look.
5. Add a top coat to make it last longer!

Similar to the Striped Summer Nails design
but with a twist.
1. Paint each of your nails sky blue.
2. Once the base colour has dried, paint a deep blue
sparkle nail polish onto half of the nail.
3. Paint a clear nail polish with silver sparkles onto
the other half of your nails.
4. Once that's dried, use a nail art pen/art deco polish
to paint a diagonal stripe onto each nail.
5. Add a top coat to make it last longer!

Ring finger mani!! This is one of the newest, biggest
trends in nail design. It's literally all over
fashion magazines and blogs everywhere!Anyway...
Option A
1.Paint all of your nails a purple, blue or pink colour.
2. Once that's dry, paint a sparkley 'deep sea' partially
see-through nail polish onto all of your nails
except your ring finger nail.
3. Once it's completely dried, add a top coat to prevent chips!
Option B
1. Paint your ring finger nail one colour.
2. Paint the rest of your nails another.
3. Add a top coat once it's dried to prevent chipping.
So that concludes my nail post for today.
Bai Pink Nerds!

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