Saturday, October 20, 2012

Get Organized!

Hai Pink Nerds,
So I was sitting in my room the other day looking fir a bobby pin. I knew I had hundreds of them but I couldn't find a single one. So I tore my room apart and re-organized! I found a bunch of new ways to store my hair accessories and jewelry and a week later, the organization is still working for me so I thought I'd share my ideas!

"Get Ready" Station
Keep all of your makeup, hair accessories  jewelry etc. in one area. That way your mornings will be so much quicker and easier to get through. 

Wig Organizer
Yes, this one does seem a little weird, doesn't it? But I don't really care because it works SOOOO well! If you have an old, cheap wig left over from Halloween that you'll probably never use again, throw it on a hook or a head stand and clip your hair accessories onto it. It actually works REALLY well!

Hat Hooks for Jewelry and Accesories
So I got this one from GL Magazine and I've been using this method for about 3 years now and it still works really well. Get a hat rack or a bunch of wall hooks from Walmart etc. and hang your jewelry and accessories off of the hooks, it works REALLY well and is super easy to use.

Roll up your belts for easy storage
Does anyone else find belts impossible to store? I cant hang them but I can't fold them so what do I do with them? Well I roll them up, tie an elastic around them and hang them in a hat rack/wall hook. There's no weird crease marks when you unroll them to wear them and they don't look as awkward as when they're just hanging in your closet.

Well I hope these tips helped!
Luff ya,

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