Sunday, April 22, 2012

Disney Classics

Hey Pink Nerds,
I am so happy right now! My blog post Beauty Obsession with 1950's Hair has just reached 101 page views, me and my friends are doing the 30 Hour Famine on Friday and, I just bought a bunch of Disney classics on VHS for 25 cents (that's right, I still have my VHS player!)

Walt Disney's Pocahontas
I was never a huge fan of Pocahontas but I watched it yesterday and she has become one of my favourite Disney princesses. Thank you to Olivia for forcing me to buy it; I love it!

Walt Disney's Aladdin
Again, Aladdin was never one of my favourite Disney movies but when we started to play music from Aladdin in band and we watched the movie, I started watching it over and over. I'm so glad it was still there when I got to the book sale!
Walt Disney's Snow White
Skin white as snow, hair black as night, Snow White will always be one of the most beloved Disney classics. It is a fairly old Disney classic but just as good as any. I was even Snow White for Halloween in grade 3!

Walt Disney's The Little Mermaid
Ariel was definitely one of my favourite Disney princesses as a kid. When I was in JK, my mom even made me a mermaid costume and bought me a long red wig so that I could be Ariel for Halloween. Gosh did I ever love that costume! She may not be my favourite Disney princess anymore but I'll never stop watching The Little Mermaid.

Walt Disney's Cinderella
From rags to riches, Cinderella shows us that dreams really can come true. Sure, no one really has a fairy god mother but with a little bit of help, anyone can accomplish almost anything. Cinderella may never have had a place in my heart but I do love the little mice! And never forget, Bippity Boppity Boo!

Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast
A down to earth beautiful girl named Belle finds herself choosing between family and freedom. When she gives her freedom up for her father's freedom, she ends up stuck with a hideous beast but somehow, they found love in such a hopeless place. Oh my, opposites really do attract!

So I bought all those movies and many more but I don't have time to explain them all. Afterall, I am in the middle of watching them all for the 4th time in a row! Olivia, Emma, we just must have a Disney movie marathon sometime soon! Plus Olivia can bring HSM and I'll bring HSM 2 and HSM 3.

Luv ya Pink Nerds,
Meaghan ♥

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