Friday, August 03, 2012

Put the Bang in Bangarang

Dear Pink Nerds,
I have shared the song 'Bangarang' with you all severall times and I am still obsessed with it. But do you know that recently I have fallen in love with blunt bangs? And, I'm not the only one! Blunt long bangs immediatly make your eyes pop and they define your cheeckbones too. They look best on oval face shapes but almost everyone can pull it off. No matter what length or texture your hair is your bound to find a haircut with blunt bangs that is right for you. Don't believe me? Just look at this!


Kk, more posts to come!
Luff ya,
Meaghan ♥ :*


  1. Agreed. Who is that girl in the second picture, do you know?

    1. No clue :S I'm pretty sure it's just a model, no one famous :)