Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Hey Pink Nerds,
So this year I have become totally obsessed with many things. I've blogged about clothing twice (especially dresses) so obviously that is one of my recent obsessions but there are multiple others. Therefore; today I'd like to talk about the rest of them.

ELLE Canada Magazine and ELLE Magazine US Edition
ELLE magazine (both the Canadian and American edition) are full of awesome fashion tips, photo shoots, celebrity interviews (not the gossipy type by the way!) and just articles about making your life be the best it can be. It is mostly a fashion magazine but it is much more relatable for the average American or Canadian. Each mag is filled with info and just totally awesome stuff so I can't explain it all but I'll show you some of my favourite covers.

1950's Advertisements
So as you all probably know, I've already blogged about 1950's hair (that post got ove 130 views!) but beauty and hair is not the only part of the 50's that I love. I love the advertisements from that period. The style of them is just so eye catching and my EMC instructor loves them too. (I'll talk more about EMC at the end of the week) Here are some of my favourite advertisements from the 50's. They're difficult to read but hopefully you'll get the idea. Also, you might notice that the ads mostly show women in them. That's because the men were all off at work and the women became the main buyers and shoppers for those household products. Enjoy!

Final Note
Okay, so I have tons more obsessions but those are some of my most recent obsessions and they are the one's that I am MAJORLY obsessed with. I've basically run out of time so thanks for reading Pink Nerds!
Bai Bai,
Meaghan ♥

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