Saturday, November 12, 2011

Introduction - (Edited)

My name is Meaghan and as you can see in my description, I have been in a local musical production and I am doing another musical this year - Grease! I love to sing, act, dance and sketch but most of all; chat with my friends. I never go anywhere without my I-pod (well maybe not never...) but the most valuable thing (people) in my life are my friends and family. (Plus my kitten, cat and dog but they're family too). I can't even imagine losing any of them and I would honestly trust them with my life. But, let's move on.

This blog is mainly full of epic pictures and videos but occasionally I will share the lyrics to my own original songs or something about my day et cetera et cetera. Now, you must know the purpose of my blog; to brighten your day. It's as simple as that. sad stories may pop-up every once in a while but overall the stuff you'll see will just brighten your day. Confessions of a Pink Nerdy Life is the name of my blog now because I feel it describes me well. I know most of my followers prefered Happiness & Heartbreak but I looked up some blog name suggestions and it came up with quite a few. One of them was Pink Confessions and another was My Nerdy Life so I combined them. I am kind of girly, chatty and obsessed with clothing and lipgloss (pink) but I am also smart and obsessed with quirky-cute pics (nerdy). But where does the confessions part come from? I love to spill my secrets. I can promise you that I won't spill yours but I'm not a very secretive person. Practically everyone knows who I like, every mark I get in school, my stories of stupidity and my obsessions (Lipsmackers, Skrillex, Paramore, The Hunger Games et cetera et cetera) So like it or not Confessions of a Pink Nerdy Life is now the name of my blog.

I guess that this is my first entry (now edited). I will write again soon!


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